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BC15 Menstrual Problem 20 grams/200 tablets 20 grams/200 tablets Helps with menstrual issues 14.99 13.70
R1 PAIN RELIEF 50ml 50 ml Minor aches and pains associated with a cold, minor pai 26.91 25.95
R36 Choresan Nervous disease formula 50ml 50ml Relief from nervousness. 26.91 25.95
R68 Herpezostin Cold Sore Formula 50ml 50ml Relief from cold sores 26.91 25.95
Elm 20 mL 20ml For people who feel inadequate or depressed. Bach 18.55 17.55
Hay fever 1.0 oz pills 1.0 oz pills Used for when the roof of the mouth is itchy WHP 9.99 9.89
Hylands Kid’s Kit mixed mixed 250 tablet bottles of Aconite 30X, Chamomilla 30X, Ferrum Phos 30X, Hylands 35.49 33.72
Joint Stress (Joint Relief) 15 mL 15 mL Relieves lameness, stiffness, pain on movement, difficulty rising after rest HomeoPet 14.29 13.95
Sabadil 60 tablets 60 tablets For temporary relief of symptoms of hayfever or other upper respiratory allergies Boiron 10.99 10.58
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