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Washington Homeopathics

Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy has been a respected manufacturer of the highest quality homeopathic medicines since 1873.
Washington Homeopathics
Product Amt Description Brand Retail Your  

200C Kit 50 - .5 drams Single Remedy kit with 200C potencies. WHP $174.99 $167.50

30C Kit 50 - .5 drams Single Remedy kit with 30C potencies. WHP $124.99 $118.99

Acne 1.0 oz pills Treatment of acne. WHP $9.99 $9.79

Be gone Dry Eyes 1.0 oz pills Relieves dryness of the eyes WHP $9.99 $9.89

Colds & Coughs 1 oz pils Dry Cough due to Cold WHP $9.99 $9.89

Combo cell Salts 12X 1.0 oz pills Tonic WHP $9.99 $8.98

Constipation 1.0 oz pills Relieves constipation. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Diarrhea 1.0 oz pills For symptoms of diarrhea. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Flatulence 1.0 oz pills Relieves flatulence or gas. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Flu like symptoms 1.0 oz pills Helps with flu symptoms WHP $9.99 $9.79

Fungus 1.0 oz pills Relieves fungal infections. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Hay fever 1.0 oz pills Used for symptoms of hayfever. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Headache 1.0 oz pills Due to overwork, anxiety, fatigue, or stress. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Headache Congested 1.0 oz pills helps with headaches WHP $9.99 $9.89

Low Back Pain 1.0 oz pills Helps with low back issues WHP $9.99 $9.89

Minor Arthritic Pain 1 oz. Helps with arthritis pain WHP $9.99 $9.89

Motion Sickness 1.0 oz pills For symptoms of motion sickness. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Motion Sickness #45A 1000 Tablets For symptoms of motion sickness. WHP $24.19 $21.95

Pet Odor Removal - Odor Off 4 oz Removes pet odors. WHP $8.76 $8.34

Sinus 1.0 oz pills Relieves sinus discomfort. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Skin Irritations 1.0 oz pills Helps with itchy skin. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Spongatos OUT OF STOCK 4 oz An all natural cough syrup. WHP $9.89 $0.00

Stomach Disorders 1.0 oz pills For symptoms of stomach disorders. WHP $9.99 $9.89

Top 100 homeopathic remedies kit 100 - .5 drams Top 100 Remedies in 30C. WHP $224.99 $220.29

Wheezing 1.0 oz pills Relieves symptoms of asthma. WHP $9.99 $9.89

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