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Hmedicine Materia Medica

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Hmedicine Materia Medica compiled by Ayan Kayal, Yale University

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Latin Name: Abies Nigra
Common Name: black spruce
Description: A homeopathic ingredient that favorably influences pain in the stomach that occurs after eating. It is also used for relief of continual distressing sensation about the stomach, such as the feeling that your stomach is tied in knots.

Latin Name: Aconitum Napellus
Common Name: monkshood, friar's cap, wolfsbane
Description: Used for restlessness, acute sudden onset of infection, inflammatory fevers, and numbness. This remedy is good for those who exhibit fear and anxiety, especially after acute emotional trauma. Aconitum napellus is often used for the common cold, croup, fever, eye injuries, and earache (Jonas 254).

Latin Name: Aesculus Hipposcastanum
Common Name: horse chestnut
Description: Used for sharp pains due to hemorrhoids, pooling of blood in veins, retardation of bodily functions. This remedy is used for those who express irritability and depression. This remedy is also used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, especially in instances resulting from the onset of menopause (Jonas 223, 254).

Latin Name: Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa)
Common Name: medicago sativa
Description: A homeopathic ingredient that favorably influences nutrition, resulting in improved mental and physical vigor.

Latin Name: Allium Cepa
Common Name: red onion
Description: Used for colds, irritating discharges from the eyes and nose, and sharp & shooting pains such as earaches in children and toothaches in molars. Also used for allergies, hayfever, and laryngitis (Jonas 254, Lockie 83).

Latin Name: Amyl Nitrosum
Common Name: Amyl Nitrite
Description: A homeopathic ingredient that favorably influences hot flashes and anxiety that is associated with menopause.

Latin Name: Anacardium Orientale
Common Name: Marking Nut
Description: A homeopathic ingredient that favorably influences people who eat for emotional reasons.

Latin Name: Antimonium Crudum
Common Name: antimony sulfide
Description: Used for exhaustion, whitish film on tongue and mucous membranes, numbness. It is often used for chicken pox (for children who are irritable with symptoms worsening at night), gas, heartburn, and indigestion (Jonas 255).

Latin Name: Antimonium Tartaricum
Common Name: tartar emetic, antimony potassium tartrate
Description: Used for wheezing coughs and bronchitis, and also due to blockage of air passages. Those who require this remedy may exhibit paleness, cold sweats, and appear visibly ill (Ullman Discovering 86, Panos 38).

Latin Name: Apis Mellifica
Common Name: honey bee
Description: Used for swelling, heat stroke, frost bite, rashes and inflammation of the skin from insect bites which worsen with heat. Additionally, this remedy can prevent minor allergic reactions to the insect bites. Also used for urinary tract infections where there is pain while urinating (Lockie 84; Jonas 255, 146, 151, 229).

Latin Name: Argentum Nitricum
Common Name: silver nitrate
Description: Used for irritation of mucus membrane, thick discharges (pus), and pinkeye. This remedy can also treat nervousness and anxiety (Jonas 254).

Latin Name: Arnica Montana
Common Name: leopard's bane
Description: After traumatic injuries, this remedy treats bruises, and sprained joints. This remedy also treats arthritis, sore muscles, whooping coughs, nosebleeds and fractures as well as eye injuries. It is often used for women in pain after delivery in both natural births and cesarean sections. Used for both physical and emotional trauma. In children, this remedy prevents bedwetting during nightmares (Lockie 85, Jonas 255).

Latin Name: Arsenicum Album
Common Name: arsenic trioxide, arsenic oxide
Description: Used for restless, weakness, burning pains, irritating discharges, food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea, gastroenteritis from overconsumption of ripe produce and excess alcohol. This remedy also treats mouth ulcers, asthma, tiredness due to anemia or asthma, mental strain, pinkeye, flu, headaches with dizziness or vomiting, common cold, vaginal infection and fluid retention especially around extremities. Also helpful for nervousness or fear (Lockie 52, Jonas 255).

Latin Name: Arsenicum Iodatum
Common Name: arsenic iodate
Description: Used for treating psoriasis, chest congestions such as bronchitis, irritating nasal discharge often in hayfever (possibly with asthma) or allergic rhinitis. Also relieves hard lymph glands as a result of psoriasis or eczema. Often used for hyperactive children (Lockie 117).

Latin Name: Arum Triphyllum
Common Name: jack-in-the-pulpit, wild turnip, Indian turnip
Description: Used for treating colds where there is redness around the lower face, and cracked or bleeding lips, nose, or inside the mouth. Also used for hot nasal discharge and hot saliva due to colds. Arum triphyllum is often used for chronic hoarseness and loss of voice due to exposure to cold, or vocal strain (Lockie 118).

Latin Name: Avena Sativa
Common Name: Common Oat
Description: An herb that helps maintain vitality, endurance and stamina. When used as a homeopathic ingredient, it favorably influences nervous exhaustion, general nervous disability, insomnia and attention span.

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