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Tablets, Pellets, and Granules

Tablets, pellets, granules are lactose or sucrose based. They are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and allowed to dissolve unless specified otherwise. We offer Washington Homeopathics, Hylands, and Boiron single remedies in tablet form.
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Liquid Dilutions

Dilutions are manufactured in a 20% alcohol base (80% alcohol also available). They are taken orally with a dropper. We feature dilutions manufactured by Washington Homeopathics.
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Tinctures (similar to dilutions) are packaged with a dropper, except for 8oz sizes. The percentage of alcohol varies depending on HPUS guidelines. Please consult a licensed practitioner of Homeoapthy since not all tinctures are safe to take orally. Rare tinctures may vary with price depending on availability. We offer tinctures manufactured by Washington Homeopathics.
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Note: If you have any special requests such as unlisted quantities, potencies, pellet size, alcohol percentage (in dilutions), request for additional droppers, etc., please contact us and we will try to customize the order using our available resources.

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