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Appetite & Weight Control

with Homeopathy, by Dr. Frank J. King, Jr.

Most everyone during the course of their lives has experienced the frustration and disappointments in dealing with weight management. Commonly within a few weeks of the New Year’s resolution most people have fallen victim to their appetite and given up the good cause. Individuals, regardless of age or profession, are not immune to this battle of the bulge.

The enormity of this problem has manifested a potpourri of products in the market place. These products, whether drug or natural, can either carry serious side effects or they just don’t work well. The products presently in the market place rarely address the underlining causes to the problem.

After 25 years of doctoring, seeing over a quarter of a million patients with weight gain, I have discovered some key core answers to this perplexing problem.

The Most Effective & Complete Treatment Ever Treats the 7 Key Causes to Excess Appetite & Weight Gain

Appetite & Weight Control directly addresses the plethora of causes behind excessive appetite and weight gain. With 24 ingredients formulated together in 3 different potencies, Appetite & Weight Control offers 72 strategic ingredients all in one product to better treat the underlining cause many of which have never been addressed before.

1. Appetite & Weight Control is designed to treat the tremendous variety of aberrations in our appetite including:

a. Extreme, voracious, out of control, canine-like hungers that can overtake certain people.

b. Effective for those subtle hunger signs such as those empty gnawing, sinking or rumbling feelings in the stomach that can drive us to the refrigerator.

c. Great for STRESS EATERS or those nervous stomachs, which are temporarily relieved by food or when eating seems to temporarily relieve our stress or discomforts.

2. Appetite & Weight Control is also great for those peculiar craving we can get for certain foods like, salt, sweets, starches, meats, cold foods, hot foods, eggs, etc. It’s even great for certain people including children who may crave indigestible things like dirt, chalk, coal, pencils, etc.

3. Appetite & Weight Control even works on inherited/genetic/or what we call constitutional causes for obesity and has proven to be helpful. The formula works directly on:

a. Sluggish & slow metabolisms

b. Low functioning thyroids

c. General obesity

d. Children with the predisposition to obesity or retain fat

e. Tendencies to deposit fat in certain parts of our body

4. Appetite & Weight Control formula has specific ingredients to help activate low functioning thyroids that can cause us to gain weight and feel sluggish and tired. If you don’t have a low functioning thyroid these ingredients will not have any negative effects on you.

5. The King Bio Appetite & Weight formula has ingredients designed to address the many mental and emotional factors found behind excessive appetite or weight gain. This product works deep within our brain and nervous system to help heal our emotions such as:

a. What ever you do fails to give satisfaction

b. Mood changes that associate with overeating

c. Introspective personalities that can cause us to internalize issues

d. Silent brooding that can slow our metabolism

e. Melancholic tendencies

f. Sadness

g. Sensitivities, tearful, sighing and sobbing; easily cry

h. Lack of self-confidence

i. Timidity

j. Discouragement

k. Feelings of hopelessness

l. Introversions that can cause us to run from our problems or go into denial

m. The tendency to bottle up emotions

n. Become indifferent to the way we look or how we take care of ourselves

6. The King Bio Appetite & Weight Control formula has special ingredients that work deep within the control centers of our brain to help us overcome aversions to work or exertion or exercise! These ingredients help us overcome those bad sedentary lifestyle habits that can overtake us.

7. The King Bio Appetite & Weight Control has key ingredients to help heal digestive disorders or weakened GI tracts that can occur from the abuses of overeating.

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