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Back, Neck, Muscle & Joint Injuries Relief

From King Bio, by Dr. Frank J. King, Jr.

King Bio’s Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™ naturally activates the body’s inner innate ability to heal both acute and chronic injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs and joint capsules. This product corrects weakness, inflammation, and pain in the back, neck, muscles and joints.

King Bio’s contemporary homeopathic combinations and triple-potency strengths provide a broader therapeutic spectrum that delivers a higher percentage of results, faster results, and a higher percentage of actual cures!

Homeopathic Solutions

King Bio’s Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™ provides a fast, safe, all natural, non-invasive and more curative approach. This homeopathic solution should always be applied first before more invasive, costly and potentially destructive methods are deployed.

King Bio’s Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™ works to activate our body’s natural innate abilities to express optimal health. Homeopathy, with its serial dilutions and succussions beyond the molecular levels, works not bio-chemically, but bio-energetically upon the nervous system to quickly activate proper healthy functions of the body.

Although King Bio’s Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™ will address the greater majority of structural problems, other King Bio remedies may be necessary at times to correct all the underlining causes. The following is a prioritized list of King Bio products to help you better address all the possible underlining causes associated with back, neck, muscle and joint problems.

Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™ , Arthritis & Joint Relief™, Anxiety & Nervousness™, Wounds Recovery™, 911 Stress Control®, Acid Clenz™, Sporting Edge™, Muscle Maximizer™, Bone Strengthener™, Constitutional Enhancer™, Blood & Kidney Detox™, Liver Detox™, Lymph Detox™, Appetite & Weight Control™

You can apply the products that best match the individual’s needs. King Bio’s Pocket Procedural Manual, Making Homeopathy Easy, can empower the customer to go beyond the cookbook approach using the Bio Response Test (BRT). The BRT can be used by the customer to confirm whether:

  • They need this product or not
  • What other products are necessary
  • When to increase the frequency of dose
  • When to decrease the frequency of dose
  • When to stop a product
  • When to restart a product

You may also use this quick and easy procedure to determine additional homeopathic formulas personally needed. Making Homeopathy Easy by Dr. King explains these procedures and can be purchased through Select or King Bio Pharmaceuticals for $1.77 wholesale with a suggested retail of $2.95. King Bio offers a free video training tape to stores that purchase 12 or more Making Homeopathy Easy manual. This video is great for loaning to your customers when they purchase the manual.


For acute cases, I recommend taking orally at least six to eight times per day until significant improvement. You can use the Bio Response Test (BRT) to confirm the specific formulas to use, when to increase dosage or decrease dosage, when to stop and when to restart a formula to maximize curative potential.

King Bio’s unique pure water base offers a pleasant taste-free, stain free and odor free remedy that can be applied both orally and topically. Topical dosages can also be applied when appropriate. You can simply spray over the affected areas as often as you take the product orally for an added therapeutic effect. I have not found another product that so effectively addresses such a broad spectrum of back, neck, muscle and joint problems as King Bio’s Back, Neck, Muscle, & Joint Injuries Relief™. Enjoy the Journey.

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