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Breakthrough Colds & Flu Formula

From King Bio, by Dr. Frank J. King, Jr.

King Bio’s Colds & Flu™ formula offers new advances in the Homeopathic treatment of colds and flu. Now homeopathy can treat cold and flu symptoms as well as stop a cold and flu in its early stages and prevent the resulting symptoms from occurring.

King Bio’s Colds & Flu™ formula, with its new zinc combination provides 20 powerful ingredients including all seven forms of ZINC, two forms of ECHINACEA, plus eleven other natural ingredients made in triple potency strength. King Bio’s broad-spectrum formulation offers a greater therapeutic potential to more effectively address the ever-expanding range of symptomatic patterns.

King Bio has selected the following forms of zinc to broaden the therapeutic spectrum. Each of the seven forms of ZINC has a particular therapeutic value the other does not, creating an advanced zinc support system:

1. Zincum Aceticum: A great remedy to help restore those run down from over work and insufficient amount of sleep.

2. Zincum Carbonicum: Helps with throat infections and swollen tonsils.

4. Zincum Muriaticum: Helps restore perversions of taste and smell. Relieves inflammation, burning and constriction of the throat.

5. Zincum Oxydatum: Relieves nose congestion, sneezing and dryness of the lips.

6. Zincum Picricum: Relieves mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, headaches and loss of energy from over work.

7. Zincum Valerianicum: Relieves sneezing, headaches and dullness of mind with difficulty thinking.

With King Bio’s Colds & Flu formula you can:

1. Stop a cold and flu in its tracks at the beginning stages.

2. Prevent cold and flu symptoms from taking hold of you.

3. Break loose from the grip of an already advanced cold or flu symptom.

4. Overcome a chronic recurring or long lasting cold or flu.

Keys for Maximum Results

I recommend to all my patients to keep one to three King Bio Colds & Flu™ formulas around depending on the size of the family. The real issue is not if a cold or flu will come but when it will come.


Adult 3 complete pump sprays

Children (2-12) 2 complete pump sprays

Newborn-2 yrs 1 complete pump spray

King Bio’s Cold & Flu™ formula can safely and effectively be used from newborns to the elderly on multiple medications. The combination of homeopathy’s FDA safety profile and King Bio’s unique pure water base allow us to say no side effects and no known negative drug interactions.

King Bio’s Cold & Flu™ formula can be used preventively 2 to 3 times a day during high-risk seasons. The home, work place, or school can literally become cold and flu factories, especially during the changing seasons and winter months.

By the time a family member has acquired a cold or flu, someone will be sick in the average family of five for the next one or two months. Not only is this sickness preventable, the stress on all the family members can be totally eliminated. It is a blessing to know that these little cold and flu bugs don’t have to rob you of your health, peace, joy or productivity. Remember that prevention is always better than treatment no matter how great the treatment!

If symptoms have just begun, King Bio’s Cold & Flu™ formula can still stop the cold and flu cycle in its tracts. I recommend taking a dose every 10 minutes for and hour and 6 to 8 times a day.

Once symptoms have notably improved, the frequency of dosage can be decreased. A general rule of thumb is when symptoms have decreased by 50%; decrease the dosage frequency by 50%.

The common cold and flu symptoms are not one of life’s joys. Now you can fight back and take the common out of the common cold and flu. Enjoy the journey!

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