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Breakthroughs in Detoxification

with King Bio’s Detox & Drainage Formulas, by Dr. Frank J. King, Jr.

We have found over the past 25 years detoxifying people that toxicity problems have a tendency to create a healing crises and the health problems would commonly recur. We have used various combinations of many detoxification products and techniques, including nutrition, herbs, fasting, various flushing techniques, specialty products, clays, colon cleaners, small intestine cleaners, colonics, enemas, massage and homeopathy. Fortunately, further research and development in homeopathy revealed safer and more permanent corrections to this recurring and perplexing toxicity problem.

King Bio’s homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas not only dislodge toxins in the body as most other products do; they also activate the eliminative functions of the body to work properly again. By activating the body’s inner potentials to detoxify with homeopathy, we were able to solve many of the problems we experienced with previous detoxification procedures.

The body’s ability to cleanse itself and adapt to a continuously changing environment is remarkable. Homeopathy maximizes this incredible ability within us.

King Bio’s homeopathic detoxification and drainage formulas have provided the following therapeutic advantages:

  • Enhancing over all health in most people.
  • Preventing healing crises from occurring
  • Preventing reoccurrences of a toxic condition
  • Providing better results in resistant cases.
  • Providing a more complete cure.
  • Expediting the healing processes.
  • Helping achieve greater results with other homeopathic formulas.
  • Helping other products and procedures work better (nutrition, herbs, Chiropractic, etc.)
  • Activating further healing with cases that have reached plateau where only a partial correction has been achieved.
  • Preventing further reoccurrences of an illness.
  • Preventing future accumulation of toxins.
  • Providing results in a broader scope of conditions such as chronic or even so called “incurable” conditions.

Homeopathy works not so much biochemically, but rather bioenergetically to correct interferences in the energetic control systems of the body.

When the energetic control systems of the body (like the nervous system) work better, then everything else can work better. As we get the control system of the body working better, our body’s chemistry balances out. Every chemical within our body has a very specific charge to it. The purpose of that charge is to respond and do what the energetic control system tells it to do.

Effective correction of the dynamics of the detoxification functions of the body is paramount to correcting the chronic recurring health problems perplexing our society. Achieving optimal health and longevity are also intimately interconnected to maximum detoxification functions.

Most everyone has or knows of what I call an “Uncle Charlie.” – the one who eats horribly, smokes, cusses and lives the most awful lifestyle yet never seems to get sick, while others sway just a little in their lifestyle tightrope and get sick. The difference is that Uncle Charlie has the constitution of a cockroach. This means that his detoxification and defense functions are working well.

King Bio’s Detox & Drainage formulas are designed to work deep in the body to activate and strengthen our inner constitution. This vital ability of homeopathy can even correct inherited or genetic weaknesses handed down to us as deep as ten generations.

King Bio’s Detox & Drainage formulas activate the detoxification mechanisms of the body and maximize our ability to stay clean in a toxic world. We have tried products to target the specific toxin, but have found it much safer and more effective to activate the detoxification mechanism with King Bio’s Detox & Drainage formulas for the liver, lymph, blood, kidney, and especially the ileocecal valve. There are also King Bio formulas to address general toxic related imbalances such as acidity, yeast, etc.

Using these and King Bio symptom specific formulas first has worked safer and much better without the healing crisis and recurrences commonly experienced with toxin specific products and single remedies. With theses priority procedures we have rarely had to use toxin specific products. Enjoy the journey!

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