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Care and Storing of Remedies

Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

Homeopaths are taught that remedies should not have long exposure to sunlight because of the possibility that they will be ruined. They are told to store remedies out of direct sunlight. Amber bottles are often used to reduce exposure to light.

About 10 years ago, bottle companies stopped making square amber bottles and Mr. Furr (previous owner for 40 yrs.) switched to square clear bottles. His experience was that clear, or amber didn’t make much, if any, difference — I haven’t conducted laboratory studies, but I know that remedies still work that are in my first kit (Luyties 20 yrs. ago), and my second kit (Borneman’s – 18 yrs. ago), and they are in clear bottles. I also don’t recall any experiential reports that remedies in clear bottles don’t work.

Having said this, I realize none-the-less that the word is out, and some people are uncomfortable with clear bottles. To accommodate those with this concern, we are converting to amber bottles for our single remedies.

The vast majority of people using combination remedies have not been taught clear Vs amber, and many say they like clear bottles. Since the company’s experience is that amber/clear makes little, or no, difference combinations have remained in the clear bottles.

For the combinations we have also begun switching to a real hard, clear plastic. It is the same plastic bottled water comes in, it doesn’t breakdown like the old plastics did. This is an economy move — The bottles cost less to purchase and less to ship. Other homeopathic companies have used plastic for years without negative effect.

Plastic or glass, amber or clear, keeping remedies away from long term exposure to direct sun seems logical since so little is known about what makes homeopathic medicines work.

Remedies should not be stored where it is damp, i.e., the refrigerator being the worst place. Moisture will melt the pills into a glob so you can’t get them out of the bottle. Where water has gotten into the bottle, it is certainly possible that whatever was “living” in the water is now living on the remedy – not good.

There is only one other situation where I recommend tossing the remedy out, and that is when it has been exposed to high heat. We clean our equipment at 190 degrees. I would certainly toss out any remedy that has been exposed to heat in that range. I would say 150 degrees or higher would be terminal.

I would like to hear from readers who have used remedies exposed to heat. I have had my personal kit in temperatures well over 100 degrees (closed in car on a hot day), and they weren’t affected.

There are other rumors about proper care of remedies – don’t send them through airport security devices, don’t put them near a microwave, refrigerator, electric blanket, cell phone, and other places where ambient energies are flying around. Again, since we don’t know much about the energy of homeopathic medicines, take precautions, but I don’t see throwing the remedies out simply because they were exposed to any of these energies. After all, there are energies coming out of everywhere, and it’s simply impractical to keep tossing out remedies when there is little or no proof that they are affected by such energy.

I take all the precautions, but “exposures” happen, and I don’t throw the remedies out, and they still work. If your remedies are exposed to these energies for a long period, make note of it and if they do not work, order a replacement – If the replacement works – Then toss out the old remedy(s).

Touching the remedies — The habit to get into is pouring the remedies into the cap, and from there into the mouth. With this habit, you won’t pour your remedy into a dirty hand and then throw all of it into your mouth. If you must touch a remedy in order to put it into a child’s or pet’s mouth, clean your hands. It is not about killing the remedy, it’s about good sanitary habits. Also, if you do pour too many remedies into the cap, you can pour some back, but if you pour them into your hand, take what you need (if your hand is clean), but don’t put the rest back in the bottle — It’s not worth it. Contaminating all the remedies to save a penny’s worth of pills is poor economy.

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