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Cell salts, Bioplasm, Schussler’s Tissue Remedies (All the same thing)

by Joe Lillard (Proprietor of Washington Homeopathic Products)

In 1873 Schussler came out with his theories of the action of the 12 cell salts and by the time of his death strongly believed that they were all the remedies needed for good health. Not too many people go that far, but they are important and each of them deserves study. The remedies aren’t actual salts (except Natrum Mur.); salt is used as a term for foundation or salt of the earth – something like the foundation constituents of the body with those coresponding remedies being the foundation remedies.

Some people use these biochemics in low potencies as “supplements”, however they are used for the same symptoms in higher potencies.

Below are differentiating keynotes for the 12 salts, but the cell salts are used for many conditions and there are clearly overlaps. (All modern materia medica discuss these remedies) Looking at the whole picture of the patient and the remedy is the real way to differentiate and thus determine the use for the Salts.

  • Calcarea Fluor – tissue elasticity
  • Calcarea Phos – nutritional issues
  • Calcarea Sulph. – blood purifier
  • Ferrum Phos. – oxygen carrier (respiratory)
  • Kali Mur. Sluggishness
  • Kali Phos. – nerves
  • Kali Sulph. – oxygen carrier (tissues)
  • Magnesium Phos. anti-spasmodic
  • Natrum Mur. – water balance
  • Natrum Phos. – acid balance
  • Natrum Sulph. – biliousness
  • Silicea – Cleanser

As a reference to Tissue salts I use “The Twelve Tissue Remedies of W.H. Schussler” by Boericke & Dewey – It’s a 1914 book – additional works have been printed, but the English ones don’t seem to offer anything new. As I understand it there are Tissue Salt Societies in Germany and many new booksand findings – all in German.

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