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Colds and Flus

Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

Colds and flus can definitely be relieved using homeopathic medicines. BUT they can be tricky.

Here are four approaches (whether for a cold or a flu:

  • Combination remedies
  • Single remedies,
  • Single remedy alternating with a general cold/flu single remedy
  • Single remedy alternating with a combination Remedy.

Combinations – We have several combinations other companies have theirs – The remedies are about the same – they are designed around a few of the usual single “cold/flu remedies for the typical cold or flu. They certainly don’t work for everyone and are typically turned to for reasons such as the user doesn’t have access to a homeopath or a homeopathic book, they don’t have time, they’re too miserable to figure out the case, or maybe they just don’t know any better. A typical combination costs about $7.00, & about all you can do in deciding which one to use is read the label to see if it roughly describes your condition. If you have several choices get the one that best describes the cold you have (or get).

Single remedies – The real way to go, but you’ll need a homeopathic book(s). (The books cover many health problems, but the approach to their use is the same regardless of the condition) – Typically self help books describe several choices of common single remedies from which you select the one that is most like your situation. This works for many people, but if you don’t hit it that way there are more detailed books called Repertories which provide many symptoms and remedies known to relieve those symptoms. Repertories are, in effect, an index to a book called Materia Medica that provides detailed descriptions of the medicines.

An over simplified version of how to use them follows – find your symptoms in the repertory, note the remedy(s) common to those symptoms and select the most similar remedy from the choices by reading about them in the materia medica. If you are fairly sure of the remedy use a 6 or 12, if it seems dead on use a 12 or 30 – repeat less often as condition subsides. Three clues – Pay particular attention to what natural activity (and time of day) that makes you feel better or worse, look for symptoms that stand out real clear, and those that are unusual, e.g., (thirsty, but only drinks sips)

Seems like a lot of trouble – why go through all this? – There’s nothing like finding the right single remedy – It acts fast, and you know what remedy you need if a higher strength is needed to finish off the case. Single remedies are especially useful if you tend to get the same cold or flu – you can take it from time to time cut down on the recurrence and intensity of your cold or flu. It also happens that the right single remedy will often help the person’s overall health because the symptoms used to help even an acute illness are individualized and more about the person than any combination remedy could be – except on the luckiest of days.

Another thing to watch with cold/flu remedies – If you don’t nail it right on, but get some relief you might find the symptoms have changed enough and present another remedy picture – switch to that remedy if it’s real clear

Single remedy alternating with general cold/flu remedy.

Since finding the right cold/flu remedy is difficult people often find they get close, and get some relief, but they don’t really completely rid themselves of the situation. I find that by using a remedy like Influinzinum 30 (c or x)(made from flu shot), or Oscillococcinum ((r) Boiron, and alternating it with the best single remedy will move out much quicker.

Single Remedy Alternating with a Combination cold/flu remedy. Similar to above situation except instead of alternating with a single remedy known for its use for cold or flu alternate with one of the combinations that seems to fit your situation, but doesn’t quite do the job.

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