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Complex Cases – Several Problems

Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

I was asked via email a complex question about a complex problem. As a practical matter I can only give quick answers on email – I recommended that she see a physician, and to read this.

Her question – what does a person do when they have several serious chronic problems going on at the same time – different named conditions, affecting different parts of the body – a very difficult situation, and almost certainly the complexity arose over time. Sometimes an allopathic treatment has side effects, etc. complicated!

This is a perfect case for the homeopathic approach. Yes, it is complex, but it is, after all, about the whole person not a particular named number of diseases. It would probably take the practitioner a couple of hours to find out exactly what the symptoms were – what was the oldest complaint picture, what was going on at the time, what came next, what makes this and that better or worse, and on down the line. They would try to find the remedy that fit the whole situation, but most often this kind of case has to be “peeled” back. That is, while keeping an eye on the whole person they would work on the person’s “chief” complaint. This usually is the complaint that is most limiting to the person life.

Over time it may take several doses of the same medicine, or a higher dose, and even no medicine. No medicine happens when the symptom picture remains about the same, but the intensity is better, or the frequency of symptoms is less often – in other words the body continues to improve itself – no stimulus (remedy) is needed – It’s a good sign.

When the symptom picture changes (when a layer of poor health is peeled away and an old ailment becomes clear almost certainly the remedy would change as well. In cases where there are several layers several visits, several remedies over several months are going to be required. Often the person can continue whatever other medicine they are taking, and over time under medical advise these can be reduced or eliminated.

Persons with such complex problems and ESPECIALLY, if they are taking other medicines should contact what I call a medical homeopath – a homeopath with a medical background – such as an MD, DO, or the like. The National Center for Homeopathy has a Directory on line –

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