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Guide to Pet Care

by HomeoPet (Veterinary)


Is your pet anxious, stressed or just frazzled? Naturally soothing to quickly promote a sense of calm from the stresses of travel, thunderstorms, separation from owner or new pets. Fretting, fear and unwanted behavior can be helped with this easy-to-use formula.

Joint Relief

Joint and Bone Support Formula

Dogs and cats too can suffer the rigors of growing old. When they’re slower to rise, due to stiffness, experiencing lameness from sore muscles of joints, even a little exercise or climbing stairs can cause pain. HomeoPet’s unique formulation can quickly and safely reduce pain and inflammation, increasing mobility and restoring the quality of life.

“My 10-year old black Labrador, Minuit, had been stiff for many months and I had been giving her aspirin once a day. Recently I purchased your Self-Help Arthritis formula. I am astounded at the incredible difference it has made. Minuit is twice as perky and active. She has no problem walking upstairs anymore and has a very content look in her eyes. Your arthritis formula really works! Thank you so much!”

-Christine Martin, East Hampton NY


Dogs coughing is something that Dr. Lynn Lawrence from Bide-A-Wee uses and recommends HomeoPet products to their clients. Working with natural ingredients, a few drops of HomeoPet’s Cough remedy will relieve the hacking and “tickle in the throat” associated with your pet’s cough.

“More and more we’re turning to HomeoPet in our practice with good results.”

-T. Pescod, DVM

Trauma (First aid for pets)

HomeoPet’s Trauma works to heal cuts, bites or other injuries by stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.

Nose Relief

HomeoPet’s Sinusitis, a nsal decongestant, to relieve blocked or runny noses.

“My poor cat’s nose was constantly running and almost raw and in just a few days it cleared up nicely. Thank You!”

-David, N.Y.

Digestive Upsets

Upset stomachs, intestinal diseases, gas and diarrhea are dramatically improved with this highly purified remedy. Promote healing by cleansing the system to restore normal intestinal function, eliminate bad breath and repeat gas.

Urinary Incontinence (Leaks no More)

If your companion is experiencing embarrassing leaks during sleep due to old age, or the effects of surgery, this natural remedy can help. This is a completely cruelty-free product without side effects.

HomeoPet’s incontinence naturally helps the body tighten up to the affected muscles to stop any unwanted accidents keeping your pet dry and leaving her dignity and pride in tact.

“Clients have used this remedy to great success.”

-Diane Buscalo, DVM, New York

“When Jenny first had accidents we did not know what was happening. She used to hang her head in shame, we really felt bad when we had to gate her into the kitchen on newspapers. Now with your Urinary Incontinence, the leaking has stopped and Jenny is sleeping in her brand new bed.”
-Anne H., San Francisco, CA

Skin & Itch Relief

Advanced formula to quickly relieve your pet’s physical and mental torment from the itching, biting and back scratching caused by allergic reaction to flea bites.

Hot Spots

When this extremely unpleasant oozing or flaking condition appears, HomeoPet’s Hot Spot Remedy is specifically formulated for faster, more effective, relief for a deeper, longer lasting healing.

Wrm Clear

A superb remedy for the prevention or removal of hook, tape or roundworms. Non-toxic with no harsh chemicals, needing no withdrawal from food.

“HomeoPet Dewormer has provided excellent and consistent results for my clients”

-Dr. Miller, DVM

Miliary Eczema (for Male and Female)

Cats that are neutered or spayed can suffer from repeated hair loss, violent itching and scratching due to hormonal imbalance. Choose from our specific female or male formulas for the best relief nature can provide.

“From personal experience I know that HomeoPet provides real relief.”

-Lynnwood, MedFord, NY

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