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Homeopathy For The Flu Season

The cold weather is around the corner.  We asked this question quite a bit.  Which remedies should I purchase for the flu season?  This question is individualized to a certain extent.  However, there are certain homeopathic remedies for the flu that nearly everyone can take.

The most popular homeopathic remedy for the flu is Oscillococcinum.  This is actually the homeopathic remedy Anas babariae hepatis et cordis 200C.  This remedy should be taken at the first sign of flu.  It helps to shorten the duration of the flu by about 6 hours or so.

Other popular homeopathic remedies during to take during the flu season include Nux Vomica, Byronia Alba, Pulsatilla and Belladonna.  Nux Vomica is for the flu with a running nose, chills, aches and gastric issues such as diarrhea.  Byronia Alba is for a slow setting flu with a painful dry cough.  You feel flu like but you really do not have a full blown full like symptoms.  Pulsatilla is for a stuffy nose with thick yellow discharge.  You will generally feel worse at night.  Belladonna is the used if you have a high fever and headache.  Cold air seems to worsen your condition.

These are just some of the homeopathic remedies that one can take to combat the flu.  Try to match your symptoms as close to the remedies as possible.

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Saturday, July 26th, 2014 @2:58 PM

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