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Homeopathy Remedies For Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a rash that comes from the poison ivy plant or cousins there of.  Other cousins include poison oak and poison sumac.  Poison ivy is a common rash.  Very rarely is poison ivy life threatening but the itching can be quite irritating.  Tens of millions of people get poison ivy every year.

Poison Ivy if left untreated will go away in a few weeks generally.  Some times the rash may last up to one month.  The main symptom for poison ivy is itching and rashes.  Some people have rashes all throughout their body in severe cases of poison ivy.

Homeopathy uses like substances to attack poison ivy.  Rhus Tox is the most famous homeopathic remedy to treat poison ivy.  Rhus Tox is the poison ivy plant itself.  The plant is diluted so that the poison ivy is not that strong.  Most poison ivy treatment require a low dilution such as 3X or 6X.  Poison Ivy pills are in a 4X potency.  This low dilution of poison ivy helps triggers the body immune system to heal itself from the poison ivy rash.  Rhus Tox is also used for prevention of poison ivy.

Rhus Tox is not the only treatment available to help with poison ivy.  There are some non homeopathic treatments that work as well.  Poison Ivy Block lotion helps you to prevent the poison ivy rash in the first place.  Rusto Lotion and Poison Ivy Soap can help stop severe itching as well.

Posted by Sanjib Sarkar on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 @12:12 PM

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