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Homeopathy’s Uses in Menopause

Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

If you look in our catalog or web site, you will see books on homeopathy and women’s health – they all have a section on menopause.

In addition, we have a combination remedy that does pretty well with menopause – Change of Life (#7) and the dilution “Menopause”. That notwithstanding, there are some typical symptoms and a group of “the usual remedies” to consider – I put them here so you can see that homeopathy offers plenty of help for menopause. You can encourage your friends to consider homeopathy for their:

  • Hot flashes – Carbo veg., Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Sepia
  • Headache, during – Carbo v., Lach., Sep.
  • Menstruation painful, during – Lach., Sep., Cimicifuga, Sulphur
  • Menstruation profuse, during – Lach., Sep., Cimic., Sulph.
  • Depression, Fainting, Insomnia – yup, all of the above.

By simply studying these remedies, relief for many of the most common menopausal conditions can be brought under control. I’m not saying every situation is handled by these few remedies, but – these are the common remedies for the common situation. In getting through menopause, several remedies may be used – and frequently the persons constitutional remedy will be brought into play. On top of that, there are 123 different menopause symptoms in Murphy’s Repertory – some unusual ones, e.g., hair loss, obesity, gout, even ear pain. Thus, even the most unusual situation may have a simple answer.

Finally, there are homeopathic doctors, nurses, and other professionals who can be helpful – The National Center for Homeopathy’s web site has a directory – – there really is help available for menopause – Contrary to public opinion, one does not have to take a life threatening drug for a non-life threatening condition.

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