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Is Homeopathy Safe

Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

YES! Can’t stop there though. My personal experience is yes, my company’s experience is yes, other company’s experience is yes, FDA’s experience is yes, all the books on homeopathy say yes.

All of them also say consult your physician — A big reason for that is legal, another is to keep your health care practitioner aware of what you are doing. Another is to perhaps get a fix on where your health is prior to beginning any new treatment – homeopathy or otherwise. Another might be to give you confidence in using homeopathy.

The Safety levels for over the counter (OTC) homeopathic medicines is established by homeopaths in their pharmacopoeia (cookbook). The FDA and state Pharmacy boards are responsible for seeing that manufacturers adhere to the established safety levels. On a spot check basis they actually check the labels against the pharmacopoeia, and check manufacturers procedures to see that what is being offered is what the label says.

If you are wondering about safety for babies, and pets it’s still the same answer — My training is to start with low strengths only going to higher strengths as needed. This guideline keys off of one of homeopathy’s tenets- the minimum dose – not only in strength, but in repetition. Let the body do the work – It’ll be the stronger for it.

Over the last 200 years many books have been written by both physicians, and veterinarians who have safely used homeopathy in treating dilemmas arising during pregnancy, during delivery and on through life. If we were talking about an unsafe practice logically they would have all gone to jail instead of the publisher.

There is one caution — As in any medical situation — If you are using a medicine (homeopathic or otherwise), and you do not see the results you were expecting or the situation continues to worsen — you may not be using the right medicine. You may be, in effect, delaying a more appropriate form of help.

Another caution – not that homeopathy is unsafe, but simply to establish good health care practices — Keep homeopathic and all other medicines away from children’s reach. Why – Homeopathic medicines are safe, but if the child thinks that therefore all medicines are safe they may try out a few that simply aren’t — Don’t want to pick on aspirin, but you get the idea.

Speaking of children, we’ve had calls from poison control centers, and anxious parents following a child’s eating dozens of pills – all of the same medicine or a dozen of this and a dozen of that — Since the material dose is so small it is virtually impossible to overdose — For instance, in the common potency 6x there is 1 part of the original substance in 999,999 parts of the pill being taken. It would take many bottles (roughly 80 1 oz. bottles) to get close to a toxic dose and just how much sugar can any child eat?

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