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Mood Enhancement & Homeopathy

from King Bio, by Dr. Frank J. King, Jr.

Don’t let anyone tell you that depression is “all in your head”. It can affect every part of your body. Researchers believe that depression can weaken immune system function. This can cause you to be more susceptible to illness and infection, and over time can even accelerate chronic disease. Untreated, prolonged depression can cause premature aging. It can slow body function and cause weight gain and loss of muscle tone.

Depression has become so common in modern society that it is called the “common cold of mental health”. Just as with cold and flu symptoms, winter months can bring an increase in depression and other mental health conditions.

Approximately 30 million Americans are unable to experience many of life’s pleasures because they feel so depressed. Over 28 million Americans take antidepressant drugs or anxiety medications. Depression is a thief that can rob its victims of their purpose in life, their family relationships, general health, and even the precious gift of life itself.

The financial toll of this problem totals about $50 billion a year in treatment and lost productivity. The profound impact this has on our society is overwhelming. Obviously depression demands more solutions to help overcome these problems.

King Bio’s new medically metered pump spray allows easy one-handed relief whenever needed. Just 2 pump sprays under the tongue can provide relief from symptoms of mood disorders listed below.

King Bio’s Good Mood Enhancer will enhance your health in many ways:

  • Great for people who are easily offended, feels possessed of two wills, lacks self confidence, irritable, and depressed
  • Helpful for feelings of self condemnation and worthlessness
  • Great constitutional remedy for the low spirited who may fear loss of reason or misfortune
  • Helpful for apprehension, forgetfulness and confusion
  • Great remedy for melancholy and negative effects of shock
  • Great remedy for changeable moods, hypersensitivity, introspective, silent brooding, sad, tearful, non communication, sighing, sobbing and the ill effects of shocks, grief, worry and disappointment
  • Helpful for failure of mental power, feelings of moral deficiency, delusions of conspiracies, night terrors, and fears of being poisoned
  • Useful for the inability to think or difficult, slow comprehension
  • Useful for mental weakness, depression, and sensitivity to noise
  • Helpful for those who dislike to speak or be spoken to
  • Great for nervous exhaustion, mental debility, listlessness, apathy, and difficult comprehension
  • Popular remedy for the highly emotional, sad who readily cry, weep when talking, changeable, contradictory, easily discouraged, timid, and irresolute
  • Special remedy for those who are indifferent to loved ones and family
  • For people who become overwhelmed and fall into states of sadness, despair and despondency
  • Don’t Let this Winter Make You Sad

    During the winter months, a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a common complaint. Those who suffer from SAD can show additional symptoms of headaches, irritability, weight gain, increased appetite and increased need for sleep. Shorter winter days, with the resulting decrease in sunlight, are thought to be a contributing factor to SAD. King Bio’s Good Mood Enhancer™ or any of the following products can be the answer.

    King Bio’s Jet Lag & Shift Changes™ formula is designed to help set our biological clocks to help us overcome the winter blues. This is great for people who are sensitive to the lack of sunlight or feel off center or out-of-sync with life.

    King Bio’s Mood Changes™ formula is designed for the bipolar type of mood shifts from one extreme to another.

    Stock up today and be prepared to better light up the world and the people around us.

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