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Part of the “Become Informed” Series, by WHP

As some of our specials are ointments I thought it would be good to discuss the use of ointments with skin problems.

This may sound like an anti-ointment article, but it’s not – it’s about proper use of ointments – the place of homeopathic ointments in skin care.

Often I hear people say “a pill, oh, I don’t like to take pills. Don’t you have something I can rub on?” Their problem may range from sinuses to psoriasis but the idea of a pill being the way to go is out. While I can appreciate what may have happened to them from pills – you can bet they weren’t homeopathic pills. However, trying to explain the difference on the phone – forget it.

Here’s the way I see the use of ointments:

– For wounds they are aces – keeps the wound soft, lets it heal from the inside out, reduces scaring, act as antiseptic – I use them for this – I might also take the indicated remedy. -For ailments that are “self generated”* – psorisis, acne, eczema, etc. – temporary relief for most of them. Ointments act more herbal-like as they are not strong – 3x and below – the right remedy in potency is better, but while figuring that out an ointment can provide relief.

They may even complete the job, but you most likely will have to use them over a much longer period of time than if you took the right potentized remedy.

*self generated – ailments arising from the inside out – the body is trying to heal something and pushing the ailment to the surface (kind of weird to think about, but…) In this case things like cortisones, etc. suppress the effort – maybe even pushing the effort to heal out somewhere else (skin is the safest place).

Getting a little temporary relief from a homeopathic ointment is OK, but if you find you have to keep using it over and over it’s time to think about the right remedy in potency – the remedy to get the body to finish trying to heal. It seems logical that with continued use of even a homeopathic ointment could lead to suppression of the bodies effort to heal.

Some people won’t take a pill, don’t want dilution (alcohol), can’t tolerate lactose or sucrose, so you can give the remedy in potency via ointment – still works and everyone is happy.

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