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BC28 12 Salts in 6X 20 grams/200 tablets

BC28 12 Salts in 6X 20 grams/200 tablets

BC28 12 Salts in 6X 20 grams/200 tablets

Brand: Reckeweg

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This particular tonic brings together the benefits of all 12 Schussler cell salts. This is advantageous in the recuperation process of any debilitating diseases and convalescence.

It will help to build up the entire system by providing the necessary tissue and cellular nutrition, improving resistance to diseases, and helping with better utilization and assimilation of food.

Note: The statements on this product are supported by traditional homeopathic principles. These “statements” have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations.

Active Ingredient

Calcarea Fluorica 6X, Calcarea Phosphorica 6X, Calcarea Sulphurica 6X, Ferrum Phosphoica 6X, Kali Muriaticum 6X, Kali Phosphoricum 6X, Kali Sulphuricum 6X, Magnesia Phosphorica 6X, Natrum Muriaticum 6X, Natrum Phosphoricum 6X, Natrum Sulphuricum 6X, Silicea 6X.

Instructions For Use

Acute cases take every 15 minutes, half hour, hourly or in 2 hour intervals. Sub acute cases are to be take 3 to 4 times a day, chronic cases takes this 2 to 3 times a day for an extended period of time. Infants should take this one table at a time dissolved in warm spring water.
Suggested dosage for children and adolescents.
0 to 12 months 1 tablets
1 to 5 years 1 tablets
6 to 11 years 2 tablets
12 years and older 4 tablets

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