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We accept multiple methods of payment including Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal (including American Express and Discover). You may purchase conveniently online. See security information and privacy policy.
Or you may choose to place an order on the phone.

Order by Phone

The main difference between a phone order and an online order is that a representative will obtain your information, rather than our website. All policies apply.

Order by Fax or Mail (non credit cards)

Upon checkout, click on ‘Print to Order by Mail’ to process a potential order which you can print out for future payment.
Once the order is printed, you can mail us the form with an enclosed payment (check, money order or credit card number). does accept checks.
However, please be aware that orders will not ship until the check clears. There is a $25 service charge on all returned checks.

  Return Policy:

Your satisfaction is our priority. To assure this, we offer a 15-day
return period on any product that is not a 10M, 50M, or CM potency.
The original unopened package can be
returned for a partial refund minus shipping and handling charges. Many items have a 25% restocking fee, including but not limited to all WHP products. Please

customer service for further inquiries.

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